Monday, September 23, 2013

The Oboe

Here in VA where we live they don't offer string orchestra which really broke my heart being a devout string player.  Yes, I could teach it myself, but my kids really need a teacher other than mom.  Plus I want them to have the opportunity to experience music in SCHOOL.

So, band it is. . . not that band is a bad thing.  I was in band too, remember.  So the more I ponder on my band memories, the more excited I'm getting about Cadence being in the band at school.  We went to the parent info meeting & talked to the band teacher about instruments & started the decision making process.

Cadence is a lot like me.  I never could handle being the girl that played the most obvious choices for instruments. . . violin, flute, clarinet.  Nope, that just wasn't me.  I opted for the unusual guys like the viola, bassoon, & vibraphone.  (In the end I played well over 30, but I had my favorites for sure.)

Cadence wanted to be different.  I jumped in on the possibility of the bassoon immediately.  I love the bassoon & I play it well so I could help her.  Nope.  They don't allow bassoons at her school.  They said maybe in high school, but not at this age as a starter instrument.  Hmmmm.  I asked the teacher about maybe allowing an oboe & her teacher jumped on it.  She hadn't had an oboist in 15 years & LOVES oboe.  Cadence got really excited at the thought of being the ONLY oboist in her entire school.  SO, oboe it is.

Turns out, oboe is a perfect match for her.  Double reed instruments are sometimes a lot more difficult to get air through for younger kids than other woodwind instruments so I didn't know how she'd do, but after 3 days she's already playing scales quite well.  I'm very proud of her.

I can't wait to be your "Band Mom" Cadence.  We are going to have a BLAST together.

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