Friday, September 20, 2013

Lovin' on my Crazy Boys

I love being a mom.  I really do.  Sure you have those days where you just want to lock yourself in a closet with a half gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream, but for the most part it's so much fun.

Canyon is growing like a week.  He's HUGE.  I wish he's stop.  He's my last baby so I want him to stay small forever.  He is rolling all around the room & likes to roll to the toys the kids leave around.  He's especially fond of Trek's old dog Russ.  We've had this old smelly dog for YEARS.  Trek got it when he was 8 years old so basically it's 25 years old.  But Canyon will roll over to it & lay on it.  It's the cutest thing ever.

And then of course there's Craiger, aka MONSTER.  Yup, he's always finding ways to make a mess.  This time he literally FELL into his dinner plate as he was clearing the table.  Good times.

I love moments where I can cuddle with my kids.

My kids are my world.  I love them all so much.

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