Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cupcakes at School

Taya was SO excited to have mommy come eat lunch with her at school & bring cupcakes for all her friends.  It was really fun meeting all the super cute kids in her Kindergarten class.

Taya is all about oranges.  I swear this kid
should turn into an orange for all the oranges
she eats every day.

This is Taya's best friend, Danny.  He lives
just up the street from us & I just adore him
& his family.  He is a triplet (his brother & sister
are adorable too) & he has an older brother in
Cadence's class at school.  He's my buddy too.

My boys live to torment each other.  You can see the look
in Bladen's eyes. . . hmm. . . what can I do to irritate my

It was a really fun lunch though.  We brought blue & green & pink cupcakes & we all pigged out with frosting on our faces.  I loved every second of it!
Happy Birthday Taya Girl.

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