Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Candy Corn Quesadillas & Boo Bananas

This was a new spooky dinner for me:


So the Boo Bananas are a new favorite in our house & my kids are requesting them almost nightly.  My 6 year old even told me after Halloween she wanted me to make them, but instead of 2 chocolate chips for eyes, she wanted black polka dot bananas (aka TONS of chocolate chips).  I laughed at that. . . & then made myself a polka-dotted banana after the kids went to bed to check it out & WOW.  They really are THAT good.

For the candy corn quesadilla, I just put a tortilla in a large pan, sprinkled cheese on it, & added another tortilla on top.  I cooked it until the side on the pan was toasted & crunchy, then I flipped it over & did the same to the other side.  Take the "tortilla sandwich" out of the pan & place it on a cutting board.  Spread Queso cheese all over the top of the tortilla & sprinkle yellow cheese around outside of the tortilla like a big lifesaver.  Leave the circle in the middle alone.  Crush orange chips & sprinkle them on the center circle of the tortilla so they stick to the queso cheese.  Cut with a pizza cutter into triangles & add dollops of sour cream to the tips to make your candy corn complete.


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