Friday, October 18, 2013

Worm Sandwiches & Vampire Teeth

Last night I made the one dinner I make every year that makes the kids queasy.


All it is is a bunch of hot dogs sliced up into long strips.  They look just like worms & it's disgusting.  I always add some ketchup, mustard, & relish to them & it makes them red & slimy.  Get it all hot, put in on a bun, & voila you have a worm sandwich.  My two year old was gagging as he was eating these this year.  He kept telling me "I doesn't like worms Mommy!"  And then my four year old would shake his head & say "No Craiger. . . it's not really worms. . . it's just hot dogs."  It was really funny.

The vampire teeth are just apple slices with peanut butter & marshmallows.  I make these all the time for lunches & the kids love them.


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