Friday, October 4, 2013

Monster Sandwiches & Candy Corn Pudding

Tonight we had another Potter Halloween favorite:

The sandwiches are up to you.  I made my little ones simple ham & cheese sandwiches on hoagie buns with tomato/olive eyes.  Simple enough.  For my oldest 2 girls & for my husband & myself I made some hot grilled sandwiches. . . 
#1. They taste awesome & 
#2. They make it look like your sandwich monster is throwing up all sorts of things all over your plate.  YUM.

I love making hot grilled sandwiches & have several combinations I love to make.  For this one we did chicken & ham deli meat.  Add some salt & pepper for flavor & grill it in a frying pan with onions, peppers, & mushrooms.  Add some provolone cheese on top until it melts & then pile it in your bun.  They are FABULOUS.

For the candy corn pudding I just made 3 different bowls of pudding: 
Butterscotch (I love the Pumpkin Spice pudding in this if you can find it)
Banana Cream (or Lemon)
White Chocolate

Once the pudding has been in the fridge & set up properly, spoon it into layers in a see through cup or bowl for the candy corn effect.  We love this.


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