Monday, June 15, 2015

Bladen's Kindergarten Field Trip - The Children's Museum

 The Kindergartners at Bladen's school got to go on a field trip right before school ended to the Children's Museum in Portsmouth. 

My kids LOVE that museum & couldn't wait to go once again.

All the exhibits are kid friendly & my kids LOVE to touch everything.  Canyon was in heaven because he was allowed to touch things.  He didn't have mommy saying "no" at every moment of the adventure.

Bladen's favorite part of the museum is the fishing boat.  Canyon kept watch at the ship's wheel while Craiger & Bladen fished off the side of the boat.  It's so cute.  The fishing poles have magnets at the end, as do the fish.  Once you "catch" a fish, you put it in your "net" (which has a slide that leads back out to "sea.")  It was so cute.

Craiger's favorite part of the museum is always the bubbles.  He loves standing in the middle with the big bubbles around him.

All three boys enjoyed the train exhibit & had fun crawling through the tunnel system under the trains.

Canyon's favorite place was the vet station.  He got attached to this little pug & wanted to make sure he was taken care of.  He put on the vet uniform & just loved that little puppy like it was his own.  It was so stinkin cute.

All the boys got a kick out of the human body room.  They brushed teeth, saw snot, put together a human body puzzle, played doctor, & looked at an eardrum.

Then we made our way to the farm where we collected eggs & milked the cow.  They got to weed the garden & pick veggies.  Finally we got to shop at the little kid grocery store.  SO MUCH FUN.

At the bank, Bladen wrote me a check for $100.00.

I've always really enjoyed the upstairs of the museum.  There's a ton of physics & other mechanical & scientific things up there.  Here they learned about levers & even helped lift an elephant.

Bladen had fun trying to get a beach ball through hoops in the air using only a large blowdryer.

And all 3 boys loved learning about electricity.

In the end we were all worn out so we took some time to rest in the giant rocking chair before leaving.

It was a lot of fun.  I still can't believe the school year is over.  My Kindergartner is almost a 1st grader already.  Where does the time go?

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