Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lorien's Soccer - Spring 2015

Lorien was lucky enough to be on an absolutely amazing soccer team this season.  Her two coaches really pushed her & taught her how to REALLY play soccer.

I couldn't believe the level she started at & the level of skill she had by the time the season was done. They were amazing coaches.

We made it to the championship this season.  It was insane.  We played the entire winners bracket to the very end.  We were undefeated as were the Strikers.  So when we played each other, we knew one of us was going to have to lose for the first time.  The game was intense.  They were up by two, then we made 3 goals.  Then they got 2 more, & we got one more to tie it up.  We went into double overtime & the Strikers scored a goal during the last 30 seconds of overtime giving them the win.

But since the tournament was a double elimination we still got to play the winner of the losers bracket.  We totally beat them so we were once again playing the Strikers for the championship game.  Same thing this time. . . . they'd score, then we'd score, then they'd score, & so forth.  Once again double overtime happened & we were still tied.  We had to end it with a kickoff.  Five kids from each team got to try & kick the ball into the goal.  It was back & forth once again, but we got one more goal than they did making us the winners.

SO. . . . now they had lost once.  Double elimination.  So we got to play them a THIRD time.  The entire game was neck to neck once again, & we again went into double overtime.  They did end up overpowering us & won by 2 goals in overtime.  They totally deserved the win.  I was really proud of our team though.  2nd place was fantastic.


Afterward, the coaches gave each of the players a trophy & said a few things about each player.  They really pointed out how much improved Lorien was this season.  She is playing SO well now.  I was very very proud of her.

It was a great season.  I can't wait to see her play again in the fall.

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