Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bladen's Kindergarten Graduation

The last week of school is brutal.  Between soccer tournaments, music concerts & programs, graduations, field day, & plays it gets pretty hectic.  But it is super cute too.

Bladen had his Kindergarten graduation the day before the last day of school.  He sang about 6 songs he learned during the school year & danced a little bit for us.  It was absolutely adorable.

After the music program he got to go up & get his kindergarten diploma.

And then Mrs. Mann gave him the cutest little bag of gifts ever.  It was full of toys, books, a kite, & a money bank for saving his allowance.  Mrs. Mann really is the best Kindergarten teacher around.  She taught Taya last year & Bladen this year & I'm going to miss her.  I have my fingers crossed that she'll be Craiger's teacher in a year & a half.

Bladen's best friends this year were Isla & Grace.  We love these girls.  They are so fun.

Thank you Mrs. Mann for an amazing Kindergarten year.

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