Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cadence's 6th Grade Graduation

I can't believe Cadence is in middle school now.  Here in VA, 6th grade is still considered Elementary School so now that she's done with that, she moves over to the Jr. High school (which happens to be at the High School.)

Cadence was awarded with several exciting awards at her ceremony this year.  The biggest award was the Presidential Academic Award which is really difficult to get.  She had to have a straight A average for the last 3 years of school as well as score above grade average on all end of year testing for all 3 years.  I was very proud of her for being one of the few kids that got that award.  She worked hard for it.

She also got several academic awards like Principals List (straight A Honor Roll), above grade average in History, Science, Math, & Language Arts, some Citizenship awards, & a few other things from her teacher.  It was a great year for her this year.

She's really going to miss her best friends this summer.  I hope they all have some classes together next year in 7th grade.

My friend Nancy gave Cadence her first "real" piece of jewelry for this graduation.  She got a diamond & amethyst pendant & it's gorgeous.  She loves it.  I told her she's old enough to have nice things, but to take good care of them.

I'm so proud of my little girl.  She's getting so old so fast.

After graduation, I took her to the Smithfield ice cream parlor for lunch & some ice cream.  She was pretty happy about that.

After that she was done with school for the year & didn't have to go back.  Most kids would be excited about that, but not Cadence.  She insisted on going to school the last day to say goodbye to her teachers.  (She's definitely MY kid).

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