Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Last Day of School

Every year the kids get excited to make candy bar posters for their teachers.  They do them all by themselves & they always turn out adorable.  It's also fun to take pics of the kids on the last day of school so you can see the difference a year makes.

 Lorien survived 4th grade & not only did she survive, she was a superstar.  She was on honor roll all year & had a blast.  Her reading skills improved greatly this year & Lorien just loved being a part of school.  We love our Lo!

Taya did wonderfully in 1st grade.  She started with a kindergartner reading level & ended the year reading at a 4th grade reading level.  She is a little reader!  Her math, english, & science skills also leveled out at a 4th grade level.  She's all geared up & ready for 2nd grade.  We're very proud of you Squick!

Cadence finished her final year in elementary school.  I can't believe she'll be a 7th grader next year & in jr. high next year.  It's crazy.  Cadence excelled at everything she did & she's gearing up for crazy class schedules, big lockers, & a higher level band to play her oboe in.  She's very excited.  We love you Boof! 

Cadence definitely matured the most this year.  Look at her first day of school vs. her last day of school pic.  She went from a cute little baby face to a full grown gorgeous teenager face.  It's unbelievable.  STOP GROWING UP.

The BLADE!!!!  I can't believe this year is over & Bladen isn't in Kindergarten anymore.  He loved school SO much & he's reading like crazy.  My kids just love to read.  He's all geared up & ready to tackle 1st grade next year & he's hoping he gets Taya's teacher.  Way to go Mannos!  We love you.

We have the best two bus stops in Eagle Harbor.  We love the kids there.  

It's been a wonderful year.  Great kids, great teachers, great bus drivers, great area.  We love Carrollton & Smithfield, VA.

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