Monday, June 29, 2015

Goldilocks & The 3 Little Bears

For Taya's end of the year program, they did a 1st grade play.  I knew the "casting" was coming up, so I told Taya to make sure she didn't try out for a part with too many lines since she'd have to memorize them.  (aka so I wouldn't be up late every night the last two weeks of school helping her memorize lines.)

So when she came home with a smile on her face saying "I'm Goldilocks!  I'm Goldilocks!"  I didn't know whether to be thrilled or want to cry.  ha ha ha.  But I totally underestimated my little girl.  She had every single one of her lines memorized in two days flat & then she started showing me her "actions."  This play was going to be adorable.

She did an amazing job.  She was the perfect Goldilocks.  I could watch her play over & over & over again.  It was perfection.  What a cute bunch of 1st graders.

Mrs. Lenz has been an amazing teacher for Taya.  I have my fingers crossed that she'll be Bladen's teacher next year as well.  She's done amazing things for Taya who went from reading at a Kindergartner reading level to a 4th grade reading level in one school year.  Mrs. Lenz has taught Taya how to love books & I'll be forever grateful for her for that.

Great job Taya.  2nd Grade can't wait for you to conquer it.

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