Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Camp Tonsofun 2016 - Day 1

Well, school is officially out so you know what that means.


at the Potter house.  Camp Tonsofun is my week of deep cleaning to start out summer right.  I try to make it fun for the kids by having a secret surprise, a camp craft, a camp activity, & a camp cleaning project each day of camp.

For the 1st day of camp we started with our camp craft - making Camp Tonsofun t-shirts.

I got a silhouette for Christmas so we decided what we wanted our shirts to say & then ironed it onto our bright orange shirts.

They turned out super cute.  The kids LOVE wearing matching shirts.

After putting on our brightly colored shirts, I took the kids to Costco to get groceries.  They were REALLY good so we got ice cream afterward.    I always crack up at all the people who count our kids when they see us.

When we got home, the kids found these little treats on their beds since they made them SO nicely earlier that morning.

The camp project for the day was making a summer schedule.  We had to decide as a family how we want our summer days to go.  They did a really good job coming up with things that were important to do before TV/electronic time.

And for dinner that night, it was Taya's spotlight night.  She chose spaghetti & meatballs for her dinner with grapes & garlic bread.  She was one happy camper!!

After dinner we did our camp activity for the day which was planning & doing & camp skit.  As soon as I get Trek to edit it, we'll put it up on the blog for you to see.  It turned out super cute.  They rewrote the words to the song "Everything is Awesome" to fit Camp Tonsofun.  It was SO adorable.

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