Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Camp Tonsofun 2016 - Day 3

Day 3 of Camp Tonosfun began with our big project for the day - 
the BOYS room!

Canyon just grew a size so it was nice going through all the boy clothes & donating all the clothes that no longer fit them.  We also got rid of all our baby toys since we don't have any other babies in the house anymore.  It was kind of sad for me, but kind of exciting too.  My kids are growing up!

When it was all said & done it looked GREAT.  I love organization & cleanliness.  It makes me happy.

For our camp activity of the day we went outside for an hour & played with bubbles, sidewalk chalk, & our kickball.  Sometimes outside time makes all the difference in the world.

We played SO hard that we wore this little guy out.

While Canyon was sleeping we did our camp craft. . . coloring.  The kids broke out their favorite coloring books & the big girls & I did some adult coloring books.  Coloring is such a stress reliever.

For the dinner spotlight it was Lorien's turn.  She chose pepperjack chicken enchiladas & nectarines, two of her favorite things to eat.  She was SO happy.

After the kids cleared the table & did the dishes, they found this on the table.  They always do such a great job with their dinner chores.

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