Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Father's Day

I love Father's Day.  I love celebrating my own father & my wonderful husband Trek.

Trek is such a good dad to our kids.  He is SO fun & just SO good.  They love him SO much.

For Father's Day breakfast we made him breakfast burritos.  All the kids were thrilled because my kids could live on scrambled eggs for the rest of their lives & be happy.

And of course all the kids got him a card, so he spent the morning before church reading each of their letters to him.

Nancy sent him a star wars towel, a grilling cookbook, & a bacon floatie thing for swimming which is hilarious since Trek loves bacon so much.  We got him Mario Kart since that's his favorite video game & we didn't have it for the Wii U yet.  He seemed pretty happy.

Happy Father's Day Trekkie & to my own wonderful father whom I look up to & admire with all my heart & soul.

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