Friday, July 22, 2016

Summer Days

Ever since I got back from Girls Camp I feel like our whole family can actually ENJOY summer.  I feel bad that most  of June was taken up with planning & preparing things for camp, which was a blast, but I feel like I didn't do as much with the kids as I could have.

But now we're off on adventures having a blast in the summer sun.

I love the downtown farmer's market here in Mountain View.  They sell things, but they also have all sorts of fun activities for the kids to participate in as well as a car show.  The kids got their faces painted, played with bubbles, tic tac toe, & a few other games, & Bladen climbed the 30 foot climbing wall.  We expected him to get a few feet up, but no . . . he made it up the entire 30 feet & rang the bell at the top.  We were SHOCKED.

We've also been doing night games here on base all summer on Friday nights.  On July 1st we had water games & filled up over 1000 water balloons (my hands hurt after that).  We played Capture the Flag, Ghosts in the Graveyard, & had an epic water balloon & water gun fight with 65 kids/teens from our ward & in our neighborhood.  It was pretty awesome.

We've been wearing the kids out by playing hard outside all day that it's SO cute to see how tired they are.  I love watching my kids sleep.  They are so sweet.

We also took a family trip to the theater to seeing Finding Dory.  It was really cute.

And we've made a few trips to our mall here as well.  My kids like to ride the little cars in between the kiosks.  Our mall is awesome.  It has a Lego Store, a Disney Store, Build A Bear, & then an Apple Store for Trek & a Sephora & LUSH for me.  :-) 

It's been a great summer so far.  We've had a ton of fun.

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