Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Camp Tonsofun 2016 - Day 4

After the kids practiced their piano Thursday morning, they found this on the piano bench.

My kids are obsessed with Disney Tsum-Tsums.  (Definitely my kids.)  They are cute little disney characters.  Some are big & plush. . . some small & plush. . .  & others are little plastic guys that fit in the palm of your hand.  They love them all.

For our camp activity I took them to their favorite place . . . the library.  They each got to pick out one book & one movie to watch this week.

When we got home, we did our camp craft.  We did some painting & played with Wooly Willys (do you remember those from you childhood?  I had them when I was a kid & loved them).

For our camp project for the day, we took it somewhat easy & just picked up the house, cleaned the bathrooms, & vaccuumed.  It looked nice to get us ready for the weekend after all that hard cleaning & organizing.

Cadence was our spotlight dinner & she chose her favorite: chicken cordon bleu, strawberries, & a caesar salad.  Yum.

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