Friday, July 22, 2016

Happy Birthday To Me

Well, another year comes & goes.  I don't know why time travels SO fast these days.

I turned 35 on July 6th.  35!!!  That's half of 70.  I feel SO old right now.  But I'd like to think I'm still young, spunky, & full of energy . . . so here's to another fabulous year.

Trek & the kids surprised me with french toast for my birthday breakfast.  They are so cute.

I got some pretty cool things for my birthday this year.  And of course, I didn't get ANY pictures because I'm normally the picture taker at our house.   But I got some cute clothes & shoes from my friend Nancy, a paper cutter from my Grandma, TONS of frosting coloring & flavors for my cake decorating from my mom & dad, a camping hammock (like the ones I fell in love with at girls camp) & a bike from Trek & the kids.  I haven't had a bike in over 17 years.  I'm SO excited for family bike rides.

My friend Nancy always sends me an extra special piece of jewelry for my birthday each year too.  This year I got this gorgeous 4 karat ruby pendant.  It's BEAUTIFUL.

We had a family bike ride that evening & it was AMAZING.  The kids rode a full 5 miles without complaining & it was just fun.  It was probably hilarious seeing 7 bikes all in a row.  Canyon rode on Trek's bike with him since he's still too young to bike himself.  It was a blast.  A perfect birthday.

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