Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Random Fun

Before school finally let out in June - Craiger, Canyon & I had a few adventures together before all the kids would be home from school for the summer.  This is my last year having Craiger home (next Fall he will be a Kindergartner) so I've been enjoying as much time with him as I can get.

I will miss his cute little nap times.  He is my only kid that puts himself to bed when he is sleepy.  I don't even have to ask him to do it. . . he just disappears & I find him tucked into bed fast asleep.  I'm going to miss that next year.

On one of our walks, I found a Google bike sitting on the side of the road, so I couldn't help myself & had to get a picture on it.  (It's kind of been on my bucket list for living in this area so - Yippee!)

I also took the boys on a trip to IKEA - also know as 
"the cool maze store"
as Craiger calls it.  They loved the entire place, much to my surprise.  They loved that the whole store is one big maze that traps you until you go up & down every aisle & sit on every piece of furniture.

Canyon fell asleep after the 2nd hour of shopping.

But then I treated them both to chicken nuggets & IKEA meatballs for lunch.  It was SO fun.

Craiger talks about our shopping trip so much, that all my kids want to go see "the maze store" now.  Maybe next week I'll venture that way with all 6 of them.  

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