Monday, December 28, 2009

and then the lights went out . . .

On Christmas Eve night the strangest thing happened. We were sitting in the living room when all of a sudden the electricity went out. We all screamed & the girls were a little scared, but we knew we had some flashlights in the house. So we all piled down into the basement & searched for some flashlights. Each of the girls found one & so we turned them all on & went back upstairs. And to our surprise, on the couches were 7 wrapped gifts to each member of the family from Santa Claus. We had talked to Uncle Talon (Trek's little brother who is in Iraq right now) earlier that day & he said that he had seen Santa & had told him how good his little nieces had been this year. So the girls think that because Talon put in a good word for them, that Santa came a little early. Inside each gift was a pair of pajamas for each person. The kids were SO excited. It was hard getting them to go to bed after that because they were all wound up about Santa & his magic. After we opened the pajamas, the Christmas tree lights came back on, & then the rest of the lights. It was magical for sure. It totally made for a fun Christmas Eve night!

Cadence got Snow White pj's, Lorien got Sleeping Beauty, Taya got Cinderella, Bladen & Opa both got Mickey Mouse, Trek got Jack Skellington, & I got Tinkerbell. It's so fun to get a brand new fresh pair of pajamas!

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