Thursday, December 31, 2009

Notre Dame Cathedral

So, the first stop on our Paris tour: Notre Dame Cathedral! We actually arrived at Notre Dame right about 9 am. It was perfect. . . nice & early. . . just the way I like it. It was beautiful. We were SO worried about rain, but there wasn't any at all. It was a cool day, but not freezing. Perfect for walking around.

On our way inside, there was a street performer dressed as King Tut. We gave the girls some change & when they put it in the little cup, the King Tut bowed to them & posed for pictures. The girls love talking to the street performers. They're so cute!

After playing around outside, we headed inside to show Opa how beautiful European architecture really is. I love Notre Dame. It's huge inside. I love the vaulted ceilings. Opa took me & Taya (she was hanging all over me for some reason) to the treasury museum there. There were all sorts of interesting things on the tour. I have no idea what most of them were because it was all in French, but they were sure pretty to look at! I think most everything in there belonged to popes & archbishops. There were robes & hats, rings, cups, & TONS of gold with diamonds & jewels!! It was beautiful!

One thing that really interested us were 2 treasure box type things with human bones inside. The bone looked like it maybe belonged to an arm & it was engraved & painted on the top (in french). It was very interesting. I don't know whose bones they were, but it was cool to see.

There were crowns with jewels, cups made of solid gold, & all sorts of glittery diamond incrusted things.

After visiting the treasury we continued to explore the massive church & found a beautiful nativity on one side of the building. It was very nice.

Opa loved every minute of it. He was SO happy to be in "Paris, France!" He's so funny. He'd never say just the word "Paris!" It was always "Paris, France!" We had so much fun.

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  1. Dani, I still want to know whos bones are in those gold cases. it is going to drive me crazy.