Wednesday, December 23, 2009

German Food With Opa

Opa is HERE!!! Opa made it safe & sound to Germany on Friday. We were SO excited to see him! For his very first night in Germany, we took him out to our favorite German Food Restaurant: Ma's Place in Spangdahlem. He enjoyed his very first German Schnitzel with mushroom sauce, bratkartoffeln (fried potatoes), German salad, bread with garlic butter, & a big cup of Apfelshorle. We had SO MUCH FUN.

The girls were literally hanging off of him. Lorien literally laid down on his arm & took a nap. She just wanted to be as close to her Opa as she possibly could.

Taya was strapped into her high chair so she couldn't do any damage & the waitress (who knows us quite well) gave her a pen & pad of paper to keep her busy & quiet for our time there. As you can see, she ate the pen.

Bladen was happy as can be. We're so glad Opa is finally here!

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