Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Christmas Story Production

Before dinner on Christmas Eve (after sledding) we had the girls put together a "production" of the REAL Christmas story. Cadence was the director & the set designer & Lorien was the casting director & costume supervisor. Cadence spent the afternoon drawing a manger, hung snowflakes & a star from our ceiling, created a stable with chairs & a blanket, & glued her manger to a basket. Lorien got everybody into costumes & told us how to "get into character." After we were in costume & the set was ready, we ran through it a few times & then video taped it. It has to be the cutest thing I've ever seen. Hilarious!! We want this to be a new holiday tradition for Christmas Eve night. It's a great way to teach the kids the true meaning of Christmas.

Lorien was our little angel & what an angel she was. She would get herself into this pose every time we said "action" - kneeling on one knee, right foot exposed, hands in a praying position, head tilted slightly to the side, & angelic smile on her face. She was ADORABLE!!

Cadence was all 3 wise men in one! She got dressed up in daddy's shirt & 2 of my scarves & then drew a treasure chest with Frankincense. She told us all where to stand & what to say. She's a little director in the making!

Taya was a little lamb. She had no idea what we were doing or why we were doing it, but as long as I had some "treats" near me, she sat still while we video taped.

And Bladen was Baby Jesus of course. He was SO funny. Every time the camera came out, he would grin really big. He's such a camera hog! I love it. He was a perfect little Jesus for the night.

Opa was 2 innkeepers, King Herod, & the shepherds. We love having Opa here with us.

And Trek & I were Mary & Joseph. I loved holding my little baby & feeding my little lamb. My kids made me so proud! It will be a night to remember always & forever!

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  1. I was shocked at how important the christmas pay was to the girls. they really wanted to have it come off correctly. I have a feeling this pay will be a part of the Potters christmas eve turdition. I loved just being a part of it.