Thursday, December 31, 2009

Downtown Disney!

I love anything & everything that has to do with Disney. So since we weren't going to Disneyland, Downtown Disney was a must for me. The shuttle bus drops you off right at the entrance (right at the train station). The first thing we saw was a little Christmas market selling all sorts of fun things. They had hats & scarves, crepes, candies, hot cocoa, slabs of chocolate, brats, bratkartoffeln, cotton candy, magic tricks, etc. It was SO MUCH FUN!! We loved watching the guy making the hard candy. He would put it on a metal hook & let it stretch it's way down to the counter (almost like pulling taffy) & then he would grab it, twist it, & put it back up on the hook. Opa & I watched him for a little bit. It was fascinating.

After we looked at all the booths, we walked down the Disney Village & saw what they had there. They had TONS of fun restaurants (very expensive restaurants) & LOTS of different Disney Stores: toys, clothing, home decor, art. It was COOL! We ended up eating at good old McDonalds & it was great. The kids loved it & so did we. It was cheap & it was good.

After dinner we walked through each of the Disney Stores & looked around. The girls couldn't understand why they couldn't have everything in the store for themselves. Poor things thought I was the meanest mom in the whole world. However, I found some awesome mickey plates, cups, & bowls that I would have LOVED to have. But I was good & just "looked" too.

After shopping we went back to the Christmas market & everybody got something for dessert. The girls got some yummy hot cocoa, Trek & Opa got slabs of almond chocolate, & I had some chocolate crepes. All of it was fantastic! Then we all caught the bus back to the hotel & went to bed.

Cadence, Lorien, & Taya (we moved one of the mattresses from one of the beds into the extra room for Taya) slept in the extra room while Trek & I had the double bed & Opa had a single. We had the baby next to us on the floor, but he was getting restless at every sound he heard. Opa was extra tired & fell asleep super fast & since he was so tired, he made a few snoring sounds which Bladen wasn't too happy about, so we ended up making him a bed on the bathroom floor so we could shut the door & he couldn't hear anything. He slept great after that. Taya didn't sleep very well so I ended up sleeping half the night with her in her little bed. She had her arms wrapped around my neck as tight as they could & then she had her face rested on my cheek. It was very sweet & VERY uncomfortable at the same time. But I stayed there until she was fast asleep. I finally went to sleep in my own bed around 1am. It was a super fun day & we couldn't wait for Paris in the morning.

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  1. Funny thing about snoring the pereson doing the snoring can hear it. I slept good.
    The Chocolate was great. It seems everywhere I want in Europe that was good chocolate.
    The room was small but accomodating we all had good beds except for Bladen and Trek (bathroom floor)