Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Eiffel Tower

After visiting Notre Dame, we hopped back on a few more subway lines & found ourselves at one of the most famous landmarks in the entire world:
("in Paris, France")

It is always so beautiful. It really is one of my very favorite places in the world. We still hadn't had a drop of rain, so we were loving life! The lines to go to the top were awful. 2 of the towers weren't working & the other 2 only offered the stairs. No elevators were running. We had already decided before we got there that we weren't going to fight the crowd to go up. Opa was totally fine with that. He just wanted to be there & see it & touch it.

We took him straight under it. It was SO fun. He got to see straight up to the top from the ground standing in the direct center of it. It's such an amazing work of architecture. There's nothing like it in the whole world. We had so much fun taking pictures of everyone.

As we left, I looked at Trek & he looked at me & we both had a little tear in our eyes. This would be the last time we would be seeing the Eiffel Tower. We have been so blessed to visit it 3 times since we've been here in Europe. We love it there. It was a lot harder than I thought to say good-bye this last time!

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  1. Trek you got a couple great shots of the tower. Very cool.
    I was able to buy a hand full of Eiffel Tower figures that Oma and I will use to decorate our Christmas tree. Both of us have great memories of our kids taking us to the Eiffel Tower in Paris France.
    I was sad for me to hear Dani say this will be the last time we will be here. She has loved being in Europe and traveling to all the sights. I totaly respect her and Trek for taking their family and making sure they saw Equope. What great kids I have. There is no way I would ever have been able to see the Eiffel Tower if it were not for them. Thank you again.