Monday, December 28, 2009

Santa Came!!!

Santa came to the Potter house this year, & the kids must have been very good. They got some really fun things:

Cadence got a real artist's easel. It has a white board on one side & a chalkboard on the other. You can also clip a roll of paper to it & use it to draw & paint on. She LOVES it. She's definitely our little artist!

Lorien got a fun wooden castle with Sleeping Beauty characters. She loves to act out scenes from princess movies with little action figures so this was perfect for her. (I would have LOVED this thing as a kid.)

Taya got a little play kitchen to cook things in. She is my little cook. She also got a fun cookie baking set. She was making me "soup" & "cookies" all morning.

Bladen got a fun little aquarium that plays music for his crib to help him fall asleep at night. I love it because it plays Claire de Lune by Debussy. LOVE IT!

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