Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Okay, so Cadence's hair has been driving me nuts lately. I decided to let all the girls grow their bangs out to see how much "easier" it would be to do their hair in the morning. On Taya & Lorien it's worked out great & it looks great. But it has never really sat well with me on Cadence. She was still beautiful as always, but it always felt like something was missing. Last night, Trek & I were looking over pictures from last year & I noticed Cadence's bangs in each picture. She needs bangs. Something about them just makes her face "POP!" So I got brave this morning & played "hair-dresser" & cut them off! Granted, I'm NOT a hair-dresser. . . did I cut them too short? Of course!! Did I cut them back too far? Probably. Are they uneven? Yup!! But am I happy? YES! YES! YES! And Cadence LOVES them. "Mom! They're not in my face anymore!" She was literally dancing for joy! THIS made me happier than anything. I was happy she was happy.

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  1. Good thing Opa's don't pay much attention to Bangs? She looks like my granddaughter. I didn't notice any difference.