Friday, February 19, 2010

Lorien's Schule Geburtstag!

Lorien celebrated her 5th birthday at her German Kindergarten on Friday. She was SO excited to be "Queen" for the day! The Germans really make birthdays special for the kids. I love coming & experiencing different traditions at her school.

The celebrating starts at 10:30 & lasts a full hour. For almost a half hour, the kids & the teachers sing different songs to celebrate her birthday. All of it is in German which makes it extra fun to listen to.

They also play "song games" where the birthday girl gets to choose in what order everyone participates. Lorien's favorite is the "choo choo" song where she's the leader of a train. Each time the chorus is sung, she gets to choose two other people to add to her train. Taya enjoyed doing this one with her.

After all the songs & games, it's time to sing the actual happy birthday song (which they do in both English & German) & she blows out the candles. They always make a delicious lemon heart shaped cake from scratch. I LOVE THIS CAKE. It doesn't even need frosting. It's just perfect straight from the oven.

After cake, the magic puppet comes in to wish the birthday girl a very happy birthday. The kids always get excited when they see the puppet because it means a present is coming. Sure enough, the puppet had a wonderful little gift to give to Lorien.

After singing, games, cake, & present time. . . Lorien got to pick out a movie from the movie closet & she & her friends got to spend the last 20 minutes watching it in the tv room. They all love that!

I'm so glad we've gotten the opportunity to live here & experience these wonderful traditions here. Frohe Geburtsag, meine Madchen!

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