Friday, February 12, 2010


Happy Fasching!!!
I love German holidays!!! Especially the ones that make no sense to me whatsoever! Yesterday was Fasching. . . a holiday very similar to our Halloween. Everybody dresses up in costumes for the day & celebrate mardi gras style! There are parades that the kids march in & the people throw candy to them as they walk. It's also a holiday for women. All the ladies go out & have a huge "girls night" on Fasching. They drink wine & have fun together. (Like I said, I have NO IDEA what those 2 things have in common, but it's fun to watch.)

Lorien's school celebrated Fasching yesterday so Lorien & Taya got all dressed up in their princess best & partied at the school.

Lorien & Taya's 2 best friends (also sisters) Riley & Brynnley are the only other Americans in her class. They do everything together. They LOVE each other SO much!

To start out the celebration, the teachers threw candy to all the kids. Taya & Lorien scrambled for handfuls of German yummy goodness.

Then it was off to the disco room where we danced to funny 80's German music for an hour. I was cracking up at the teachers. They had all coordinated their costumes as hippies & they looked awesome. They were REALLY getting into the dancing (I think the "bubbly" they were drinking helped with that! ha ha ha). The kids were loving it! It was SO MUCH FUN!!

Bladen was having a good time until one of the teachers asked if he could hold him. He didn't like that one bit!

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