Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lorien's Barbie & the 3 Musketeers Party

Today was Lorien's 5 birthday party with her friends. This year she wanted to have a Barbie & the 3 Musketeers party which was a BLAST to plan & carry out! She got the movie for Christmas & has been dreaming about this party ever since. It was a blast!

In the story there is Barbie (who wears pink) & 3 of her friends (blue, green, & purple). Lorien wanted to dress up like the purple one so she wore a purple dress. Cadence wore a pink dress to be the pink barbie & Taya wore blue. (They are SO dramatic & REALLY get into it!)

I dressed up the doorways with streamers to make a "secret passageway" to get to the secret training headquarters for the musketeers. The Living Room is where we did our training. The musketeers fight with 4 weapons (4 girls, each has a specialty weapon): the sword, ribbons (used to pull things over & whip around), fans (used as boomerangs & shields), & necklaces (used as a slingshot). We made all 4 at our party.

First we made the necklaces by stringing beads on string. Then we colored paper fans with markers & crayons. The girls loved fanning themselves with their fans. It was darling.

After coloring fans, I gave them each ribbon streamers as their grabbing weapons & swords. The swords were a huge success. They fought with them, but were very gentle. It was adorable to watch.

After the musketeers were armed with all their weapons, they all went to the prince's masquerade ball. So we made masks so the prince wouldn't recognize us.

"All for one, & one for all!"

After playing around in our masks, we sat down & sang happy birthday to the birthday girl. Lorien refused to take off her mask, so it literally took her FOREVER to blow out her 5 candles because her mask was covering part of her mouth. None of the air were hitting the candles. It was SO funny. We ate Barbie Corinne birthday cake & chocolate ice cream. The kids loved it.

After cake & ice cream, we opened presents. Lorien got all sorts of fun things: 3 new barbies, Connect 4, Belle polly pockets, a teddy bear, a puzzle, a pony, & a playdoh set. She was SO excited about everything she got.

Then for the rest of the party we watched the ending of the Barbie & the 3 Musketeers movie where the girls acted out EVERYTHING. They were dancing, they were fighting, they were speaking the dialog. It was beyond funny! I love little girls. Happy Birthday my little Lorien. I had a blast today!

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