Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cookie Monster!

At our grocery store on base, as soon as you walk in they have a basket of cookies for the kids. It's great because it keeps Taya quiet for the first half of getting groceries. Bladen doesn't need one. . . he's only 9 months old. The cart I put them in has Bladen in the front (like a normal cart) & then Taya is strapped in by the handle. It's a huge cart for 3 kids. (it's the only way I can keep them separated.) Anyway, Taya was enjoying her cookie & I was weighing my fruit when I hear Taya start screaming hysterically something about her cookie! I turn around & THIS is what I find!!

Bladen had flung himself forward far enough to steal her cookie from her & then downed it as fast as he could (I had no idea his 2 little teeth had the man power to eat a hard gingersnap) Taya was flailing wildly trying to get it back from him but was buckled in & couldn't reach. I just looked at the little guy & this is the face he pulled: "What? Did I do something wrong?" SO CUTE! (Yes, I went back & got Taya another cookie.)


  1. That's so funny, Dani. :) I love Bladen's little facial expression. And, yes, those carts are HUGE! We tried one out at the Spang commissary yesterday and barely made it around each aisle. It was worth the trouble, though!

  2. Oh my gosh, he looks so innocent I love it.