Sunday, February 7, 2010

Curly Girls

Cadence & Lorien both wanted me to do their hair in curlers for Cadence's party. I LOVE putting curlers in their hair. I love the outcome. They both look so great with curly hair. It's funny because I do Cadence's in the bigger curlers & her hair will stay cute & curly for 3 days.

With Lorien I use the tiniest curlers I can get & it is SUPER curly (like little orphan Annie) for about 3 hours & then it goes straight again. Her hair does NOTHING with the bigger curlers. The poor girl has hair like her mommy. My hair was always straight as a board. When I got perms, they never lasted longer than a week or two. But she sure enjoys the curls while they are there.

I didn't notice how reddish & dark Lorien's hair is getting until I did it curly & put it next to Cadence's beautiful blond locks. I love that my girls are so similar yet so different. They are both so beautiful! I love them so much.

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