Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sewing Experiments

So, since the kids have been sick a lot this month, I've gotten my sewing machine out, dusted the years' worth of dust off of it, & put it back to work.

I altered 5 pairs of pants (4 of the girls' & 1 of Trek's) so that they wouldn't be too long anymore. It was done with trial & error, but I think I've figured it out now for the future.

Then I patched up the giant hole in my jeans (because I'm too cheap to buy another EXPENSIVE pair out here). I don't want to buy a new pair until I'm back in the states again & I can get what I want which is only 2 months away. So I found some fabric in my stash of odds & ends & patched it up. Of course all I have is kid's fabric, so it's a little childish. . . but it will do for 2 months.

And finally, I've started quilting. Before Cadence was born, my mom bought me a book on quilting (to find me a hobby as a bored newlywed who was home all day with nothing to do). I went to Walmart & bought the ugliest & cheapest fabric I could find, & my neighbor helped me cut it into all the strips I needed. Well, then Cadence was born & that was the end of that. I opened a box the other day & at the bottom was a bag FULL of these fabric strips from 7 1/2 years ago. I had to laugh. So I found the book & started the quilt. I sewed all those tiny strips together to make one massive strip (which took a few weeks) & then I cut that massive strip into 90 strips to make blocks. Now I'm sewing the blocks. There are 9 blocks & I've completed 4 so far. They take about an hour to do each block. Once I have all the blocks, I'll sew them together with their border fabric in between & I'll have the top of the quilt done. When we get back to the states, I'll do the backing, the batting, the actual quilting, & then the finishing. It's been a fun & exhausting project. I'm just proud I'm DOING it.

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