Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Princess Party

For Cadence's 7th birthday party, she had a princess party. She's 7 now & I know that she is getting older, & soon there won't be any more "princesses" for parties. So I have to enjoy it while I can. We decorated the house in pinks & purples, with princess plates & cups & a giant castle as a centerpiece for our table. And then we had that Belle cake that Cadence was SO excited for! On our door was a sign that read "Cadence's Castle! Princesses Welcome!" It was perfect!

Cadence has exactly 8 other girls in her class at school, so she decided that she wanted to invite all 8 of them to her party instead of half of the invites be for school friends & the other half for church friends. She really did not want anyone from school feeling left out. What a sweetheart! She is so caring of those around her. She is such a good girl.

Well, being the horrible winter that it's been this year, a lot of the kids in her class got sick & only 2 of them were able to come to her party. I was SO worried that she would be disappointed that more didn't come, but she acted as if it didn't bother her at all & we all had a blast!

Signe & Emily were great & we had lots of fun learning how to become true princesses. We made homemade castles, homemade crowns, beautiful heart charm bracelets, & purses. We learned princess etiquette & manners & we all had a fabulous time!!

The girls all loved singing happy birthday to Cadence. And then we all chowed down on Belle cake & strawberry ice cream. Then we finished by opening presents. Cadence got 3 new littlest pet shop pets from Signe & a big dress up set from Emily. She was thrilled! We all had a ton of fun.

And I had to throw this picture in there because Bladen LOVES Taya & always wants to be with her, but she can't stand it when he touches her. She screams & cries like it hurts, but he still loves to rest his hand on hers or on her lap despite her cries. I thought this was a sweet depiction of that mutual love between them. . . Don't you just love it?

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  1. I bet the girls that could not make it to the party really felt bad when they heard from the others what a great time it was. The only thing better would be at Disneyland itself. Dani you do such a wonderful fun job. I love the picture of Lorian with her feet up in her ballet shoes, the lighting was perfect. She look like the angle she is. Taya and Balden are going to be great friends some day. Not today.