Saturday, April 3, 2010

. . . But my pen means EVERYTHING to me!

Trek is HILARIOUS!! He came to me tonight utterly panicked.
"I dropped my pen in the dumpster by accident while I was throwing out the trash!"

You have to understand that this pen is his favorite thing in the world. This thing means more to him than his iPod & that's saying something. Trek used to use this style of pen when we first got married. He hooked it on his keychain & it went everywhere with him. Well, after 7 years, that pen finally just died. He BEGGED for one for Christmas, but they don't make these particular pens anymore. Justin & Cari dug around the internet & found one with several refills on amazon & surprised him for Christmas. He literally danced when he opened it. He had his lucky pen again!!

Well, it fell off his keychain & into the dumpster this morning before he left for work. He obviously thought about it ALL DAY LONG! After work he was still worried about it & just couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed the camera as fast as I could. Yes, Trek JUMPED IN THE DUMPSTER TO RESCUE HIS PEN!! What a dorkdot! Justin & Cari, he loves his pen & he will forever be in your debt for finding one for him!

* The pen was not harmed in this incident (thank heavens!)

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  1. He learned how to dumpster dive from his Mother.