Friday, April 16, 2010

Camp Yardsofun: Day 3

Camp Yards-o-Fun Day 3:

First we went out & weeded the patio/deck area until we were exhausted! Weeding is HARD WORK! Cadence told me so. :-) The girls didn't enjoy doing this job as much as they enjoyed the previous two days, but we did get the job done & felt proud when it was finished!

For our craft, we made adorable bird feeder ornaments to hang on the tree in our front yard. First you put 2 cups of bird seed in a bowl.

Then you get a plastic candy mold of some sort & spray it with Pam so the treats don't stick. Next you make the gelatin. You're supposed to use the non-flavored kind, but I didn't have any on hand, so we made Cherry flavored jello. You mix 1 cup of water & 4 tablespoons of jello together over heat until the jello is fully dissolved. While I was cooking the jello, Cadence cut some straws into 4 pieces for me.

Then you mix the dissolved jello into the birdseed until it's all coated.

Pour it into your plastic molds & press down to compact it. Then put the straw pieces into your shapes making sure they go all the way through. This will leave a hole through your shapes so you can string ribbon through them & hang them on your trees. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours (it's better if you do it for four or more).

When they're nice & hard, you can get them out of the molds, take the straws out, & thread ribbon through them. They make adorable little ornaments for your trees & the birds love them.

The birds didn't waste any time. They chowed these down the same day we hung them up. What a fun idea huh?

Then for dinner we ate Spaghetti & Meatballs . . . & Kiwi for Lorien's special dinner. She loved that. We were supposed to play Hide & Seek afterward, but the kids were so tired from weeding that they just wanted to go to bed. HOORAY!

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  1. I want the opportunity to work along side my grand-kids. Watching the pictures of them helping is so impressive. They remind me of Dani. I was so impressed with Dani's out look in life when she lived with us before she and Trek were married. She was willing work. You can not have the house and kids she has with out a lot of work. She does get help from her husband. I am so very impressed with the atmosphere you two have created in your home.