Friday, April 16, 2010

Camp Yardsofun: Day 4

Today's big project was cleaning out Daddy's SCARY corner shed/shelf on the patio. I don't think that thing has been opened in YEARS! I knew that we were going to encounter all sorts of bug life including our friends - THE BIG SCARY GERMAN SPIDERS! The girls were terrified when we opened it up & immediately families of spiders came crawling out!

But we managed to at least pull everything out into a huge pile & then after mommy killed off a few Spider colonies, we got down & dirty & wiped the whole thing down.

We found all sorts of fun gardening tools & gloves inside, as well as 2 pairs of old boots (filled with spider eggs), some sprinklers that needed to be thrown out, & some extension cords.

It took us about an hour & a half, but it got done & it looks FABULOUS if I do say so myself. The girls were AWESOME!

Then I gave each of the girls a note that read "You guys did a BEARY good job at cleaning out the SCARY shed!" They each got a bowl full of teddy grahams.

For our afternoon craft, we painted rocks like bugs for a rock garden in the back yard.

And for dinner we had Cadence's favorite food: Taco Salad & Orange Wedges!

Bladen learned that he LOVES oranges!

After dinner for our family activity we went out & played water balloon volleyball as a family. The kids LOVED this! We love water balloons at our house.

The girls threw the last few balloons & got daddy soaked, so he took off & started throwing balloons at them. It was HILARIOUS!

Lorien was upset that daddy would have the nerve to throw a water balloon at her. I had to laugh at this picture. She is so funny!

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  1. I didn't know you were such a fan of spiders. In a few years Carolyn is going to have her kid want to go to Auntie Dani's place for camp week. I want to go for your house for camp week. Better yet I want you and the kids to come and fight with my spiders for camp week.