Thursday, April 29, 2010

Little Slugger

We're not officially having Bladen's 1st birthday party until next week (due to postal stoppage due to the Iceland volcano) so that some of his presents can come in. But we did have our present to him as well as his present from his sisters. So we let him open his 2 presents on his actual birthday. He seemed to know what to do & got them unwrapped amazingly well for a baby. Go Bladen!

The girls gave him each a little wooden car (police car, ambulance, & fire truck) & Trek & I got him a little baseball & bat toy. He looks so adorable with a bat in his hand. He LOVES his toy. He played with it all day long today. He knows he's supposed to hit the ball with the bat, but can't quite do it, so he holds the bat in one hand & pushes the ball around & around in circles with his other hand. The toy lights up & sings "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" which throws him into smiles & giggles. I'm glad he likes it. I guess we hit a "HOMERUN!"


  1. Now how are you going to keep him away from the presents under the tree. It is going to be a long Christmas season saying not now Bladen.

  2. Just wait until he figures out that bat is a weapon against his sisters! Korbyn got a cute baseball thing sort of like that for CHristmas, it is hidden away, he learned how fun it was to klobber everyone with it, ha ha ha....