Monday, April 12, 2010

Camp Yardsofun: Day 1

Camp Yards-o-Fun started in full force this morning. (I make up these week long camps during Spring Break & Summer Break to. . . #1: Get my house clean, #2: Teach my kids HOW to work hard, #3: Have fun, & #4: FAMILY TOGETHERNESS TIME) So here you go. . .

Welcome to 2010's Camp Yards-o-Fun!

We started today with our big project of the day. We each got big soapy buckets of water & cleaning rags & went to town on all the outdoor toys & gear. We washed the playhouse (that had crusted on dead bugs, grass stains, mud, & who knows what on it), the swing set & slide, the little car & picnic table, the big glass table & chairs, the BBQ, & all the odds & ends out there. Now we're not talking about spraying down with a hose (that does NOTHING)! We literally scrubbed for almost 2 1/2 hours! But we sang & told stories & we worked side by side together & loved every second of it.

After working hard outside, we came in (& got blankets because it was kind of cold) & I gave each kid a special note from mommy with a treat. "Thank you for your 'EGG'-cellent work cleaning the outside toys today!" Then I gave each of them a chocolate egg.

Bladen was especially excited about his.

Then this afternoon we did our "camp craft" for the day: baking bug shaped cookies (to go along with the "yard" theme). Cadence & Lorien mixed the sugar cookie dough all by themselves. I rolled them out with Taya's help, & all three of them cut the cookie shapes. Cadence cut butterflies & Lorien cut ladybugs.

The cookies baked fine (I was worried because we had a fire last night & half our stove melted), & then we decorated them. I LOVE how kids pile on sprinkles. It makes me laugh.

After cookies, I made dinner. Tonight's camp cafeteria spotlight was Taya. I made pancakes & kool-aid which are her two very favorite things in the world. We each told Taya what we love about her. She was too busy stuffing her face to hear a word of what we said. But it was fun.

Then after dinner we took some cookies to a friend of ours here in town, made our Camp Yards-o-Fun skit, ate our cookies, & headed to bed. The girls are SO excited to see what is in store for them tomorrow! Now the "Camp Director" is off to bed for some much needed rest. Until tomorrow. . .

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  1. I wonder if the kids will love the spring brake clean up when they are teenagers. They are so having so much fun. I want to help.