Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Camp Yardsofun: Day 2

And Day 2 begins of our Spring Break Yard Camp. Today our big project was cleaning up all the garbage & old leaves in the backyard. The girls were surprised at how much nicer the deck looked without those leaves everywhere. I think they're finally figuring out that things are prettier when they're not cluttered. They did a FABULOUS job cleaning it up today.

When they were all finished, I gave them each a note that said "Thank you for 'CRUNCH'ing up all the garbage in the backyard today." Then I gave each of them a Crunch Bar. They LOVED that & I love that they are getting the "puns" & are thinking they are clever & funny! Yeah for me! I can impress a 5 & 7 year old!!

The girls went grocery shopping with me after cleaning & were VERY good at the store so I bought them each a chocolate donut. Taya made a HUGE mess with hers, but she definitely loved it!

Then in the afternoon we did our camp craft for the day. We made clothespin bugs (that will become magnets as soon as I can find a place that sells magnets out here). First we took the clothespins outside & sprayed about 3 coats of spray paint on them.

Then I just let the girls go at it with construction paper, pipe cleaners, wobbly eyes, & glitter glue. We had SO MUCH FUN!!!

Taya wasn't really all that into it, so I "helped" her make hers. She LOVES her bugs & carries them around the house now.

Left: Taya's Center: Lorien's Right: Cadence's

Tonight was Daddy's spotlight for dinner. I made Olive Garden's Recipe of Chicken Fettachini Alfredo with breadsticks & strawberry salad. It was YUMMY!

And to end our evening, for our family camp activity we blew bubbles. Bubbles are one of my kids' very favorite things in the world. Enjoy the pics. They show how much joy bubbles brings to our home.

And then we all went to bed. It was a great day. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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  1. I love your Olive Garden chicken Alfredo. I hope you don't forget how to make it when you come to the states.
    Taya cracks me up hauling her little bunny around. If the bunny could talk we would be amassed at when it has been.
    Day two was fun.