Monday, April 12, 2010


As much as I hate typing this on my blog (because I'm SO embarrassed). . . I'm putting it out there to show you how quickly something unexpected can happen to ANYBODY! And to BE PREPARED FOR EMERGENCIES!!!

I made some yummy funnel cakes for the kids & some friends last night after dinner. No problems whatsoever. But I must have not turned the dial all the way to off (by accident of course) & the oil stayed hot. I went into the kitchen to clean up & as soon as I pulled that lid off the pan, flames erupted. It took less than 30 seconds to fill our entire home with smoke. I kid you not!! LESS THAN A MINUTE & the air was unbreathable. The flames were out of control immediately & I started screaming "FIRE FIRE FIRE!!" Trek ran downstairs coughing because of the smoke while I preceded running upstairs to save my kids. (They were sleeping) I threw open their doors, opened their windows, grabbed them, & ran back down the stairs & out the door. Everybody was safe (coughing our guts out, but safe)! Trek managed to get the fire out with several bowls of water (?). I guess in times of panic you forget about the actual fire extinguisher under the sink. ha ha ha. It took a large portion of the night to get the air breathable in the house again. We put the kids back to bed when it was safe. They slept with their windows open all night just to be safe.

When the smoke cleared, I ventured into the kitchen to see the damage. Everything was BLACK! I just started crying right there. All this was MY fault. I grabbed a bucket of soapy water, rags, a toothbrush, & a bottle of bleach & went to work. I was up a good portion of the night scrubbing & cleaning (& crying). I really should have taken a picture of the smoke damage to show you how bad even a SMALL fire can be, but I was so embarrassed & upset at myself that I couldn't bring myself to take pictures. I wish I would have.

But, everything is going to be alright. I got the blackness out of the walls, cupboards, counters, & appliances (thank heavens for bleach). Everything looks pretty normal actually. The only casualties were my very favorite pan (may he rest in peace) & the stove. I melted the fan above the stove & then I melted the stove itself. The oven still works, but the knobs to turn on the burners are melted on the right side. We're going to have to replace the stove entirely I think. Since we live in base housing, they'll probably replace it for us, but we'll probably have to pay. (Which I TOTALLY understand! I'm just thankful the kids are safe).

The fire melted the indication light completely & warped the back of the stove. The knobs on the right side are melted.

The clock on the right side got burned. I can turn the oven on, but it has to stay at 350 degrees because the up & down buttons & their mechanisms are completely ruined.

I was surprised at how well such a huge ugly mess cleaned up. It wasn't easy by any means, but it DID clean up. I was horrified it wouldn't & that I would have to stare at black walls & cupboards until we moved.

So, everybody is safe, nobody got hurt, we didn't lose anything of real importance, & we're starting to get the smokey smell out. Heavenly Father was truly watching over us & we're so grateful for the protection he provided. My sweet hubby is my superman & saved us all (with Heavenly Father's help of course). So let this be a lesson to all of you! Emergencies happen FAST when you least expect them to. Are you prepared?

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  1. OK it is times like this we have to tell you how much we love you. If we were within one country away we would have been in our car driving to your house and giving you huge hug. Dani you mean so much to our family. This was scary. Wow