Sunday, April 4, 2010

Egg Hunt

Saturday we got invited to a friend's house for an Easter BBQ & Easter egg hunt. There were a few families from the ward there which made it a ton of fun.

First we ate our BBQ lunch which was FABULOUS!! That was the first BBQ I've had so far this year & it makes me SO excited for summer in Germany!! I'm SO glad we got extended until August so we could enjoy one more beautiful summer here. After lunch, we started the hunts. The smaller kids (ages 5 & younger) went first. The dads hid the eggs in the park area next to the lake (our friends live right next to the lake in Bitburg). Lorien was pumped & ready to go. She knew her limit was 10 & as soon as they gave the sign to go. . . she was off!

Lorien had her 10 eggs in less than 5 minutes. She was so proud at how FAST she found them.

Taya on the other hand thought we were crazy. She had NO CLUE what we were doing or what she was supposed to do. She found one green egg & I helped her put it in her basket. She could see eggs everywhere!! We'd walk her up to one & she would take the green egg out of her basket & put it next to the "hidden" egg. Poor thing just didn't get it. So we literally were putting eggs in her basket for her. There were 4 eggs on top of the slide. She went up there & rolled the eggs down the slide instead of putting them in her basket. What a goose!

But miraculously she did wind up with 10 eggs. Thank heavens. She was proud of her eggs.

Then it was EATING TIME!!

Once Taya realized that there was CANDY inside the eggs, she wanted to find more. She sat in the middle of the floor & literally ate every single piece of candy from her eggs. She was a MESS!

Then it was the older kids' turn to find eggs. The dads hid their eggs in the forest behind the house. They were hidden REALLY well under leaves & in crevices. Cadence had a difficult time finding her 10 eggs because she's such a clean girl & can't stand touching dirt. Most of the eggs were buried in mud or leaves & she just wouldn't touch them. I was laughing SO HARD.

But with mommy's help (she made me get the dirty eggs for her) she got her 10 eggs.

Bladen didn't do any hunting, but he was a happy baby all day long.

Then we all played a few games of musical chairs. Cadence won one round & was very proud.

And the rest of the time we all danced & had fun until it was time to go.

It was a great Easter celebration. We are SO grateful for friends willing to have us over for a good time. Thank you to everyone who planned this great day.

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  1. Are you going to have an Easter Egg hunt with the kids are in their 30's? Tylee will organize it.