Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July Parade & Birthday Lunch

Monday morning, my mom got up at 3:30 so she could go stake out a good place to sit for the parade. We all arrived at about 8 am & we were SO grateful to her for doing that for us. The kids were SO excited. Bladen was happy eating his "breakfast" in a bag, & the girls were dancing in the street as the pre-parade passed us. The kids looked so adorable all together. Even Korbyn was getting in on the fun.

Dad ran & got us a HUGE piece of chocolate cake for my mom, & of course she shared it with everyone. Taya liked it the most.

This was the first time that Taya & Korbyn actually started "hanging" out together. Korbyn has really enjoyed being with his 2 older cousins, but Taya has kept to herself. The parade really brought them together. It's so fun having cousins the same age. They were SO cute. They were holding hands, dancing in the street, & even hugging one another. It was such a precious moment.

My one & only nephew: Korbyn. Isn't he just the cutest thing in the world? Now we just need to get him to like me. He still screams "GO AWAY" when I get near him. Little stinker. He knows how much I want that hug! He's playing me.

All the kids' favorite thing in the parade was the giant George balloon. I love the big balloons in the parade. They are so much fun for the kids.

And like tradition, after the parade we headed to my favorite Mexican restaurant: Los Hermanos for my birthday lunch. It was fabulous as usual. Dad got his yummy margarita & Cadence & Lorien helped him drink it. We ate enough chips & fresh salsa to bust a gut, had a fabulous lunch, & then ended with a silly "Happy Birthday" song for me partnered with the best fried ice cream in the world. Happy birthday to me! Mmmmm.

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