Thursday, July 22, 2010

Time for Haircuts

It's so nice having "Aunties" that do hair. Cadence has been dying to get her hair & bangs cut so when Cari showed up at dinner with her cutting supplies, Cadence was thrilled. We basically just trimmed her up & gave her some swoop bangs which are adorable on her!

At first Taya was thrilled to be getting her very first haircut.

But then when Cari pulled out the scissors, the tears started to flow. I don't know what she thought was going to happen, but she was not a happy camper.

But Cari is a pro & she ran to her purse & pulled out a sucker. That calmed Taya right down. She LOVES suckers. She just sat & ate it the entire time we did her hair. It was the perfect prize!

I was the terrified one when it came to Taya's hair. Her hair has the most beautiful curl to it & it killed me to think we might cut that curl off for good. Cari was awesome though. She just evened it out & all the sweet curls remained intact.

Taya was proud of her new haircut!

There wasn't much to do to Lorien's hair. We just trimmed off the dead ends & evened it out a bit. But she enjoyed having her hair done & was happy to have Cari be the one to do it.

Bladen's haircut was the most dramatic of the night. This was his very first haircut & I was really sad to see his curls go, but boy does he look better now. His hair was SO long & people were calling him a girl which was driving me nuts, so it was time.

Just like Taya, we had to bribe him to hold still with a sucker. He never bit the sucker, but he had it completely sucked away into oblivion within minutes. Poor Cari was cutting as fast as she could.

Boy did it turn out cute. He looks like a little boy now. Trek loves it. He says that Bladen is now "clean cut & handsome!" What a cute little guy!

Thank you Cari for doing such an amazing job on the kids' hair. They all look great!

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