Friday, July 16, 2010

Yo, Ho, Yo, Ho, A Pirates Life For Me

So my mom had the idea to take the kids to Pirate Island for lunch on her day off. She had never been before, but had heard it was a lot of fun for kids. We had no idea what to expect. But when we arrived, there was a HUGE pirate ship in front. My kids were SO excited before they even walked in. Then, in the lobby area there was a pool of water with a skeleton & treasure. They were sold. . . this was the coolest place ever!

This was the funnest place ever! So much better that Chuckie Cheese! Everything was all decked out in pirate stuff. It was dark, there was thunder & lightning & stars. . . huge pirate ships were everywhere. . . even the waiters & waitresses were dressed up as pirates. We were seated right next to a little play area so the kids could play the entire time we waited for our food. . . a parents dream.

The food was fabulous. I had a really great salad & the kids loved their little Pirate kid's meals. Mom had an awesome lava cake to share with all of us & some Pirate Potato Chips (thick cut homemade potato chips) dipped in ranch. We were all over those. They were awesome! And the decorations all around us kept us occupied. I loved the pirate theme.

The girls each got 6 tokens each to spend how they wished in the skull island fun zone. Cadence loves the whack a mole games & Lorien liked the little frog that knocked people over with it's tongue. They also each gave me a token to play at the shooting arcade (to get them 15 tickets off one token). Cadence was so amazed: "Wow Mom! I didn't know you could shoot a gun like that!" She has a new found respect for her momma!

While Cadence & Lorien were busy "spending" their tokens, Taya kept sneaking back to our table to lick Mimi's dessert plate. She was hilarious! She seriously thought we didn't see her & that she was totally getting away with it. I must admit though. . . it was one awesome lava cake.

Korbyn's favorite games were skee ball & the basketball hoops. He's got a pretty good arm for a little 2 year old. What a cutie.

The kids turned in all their tickets (a HUGE grand total of 60. . .20 each when split between them) & they got a ring, 7 tootsie rolls, & 1 pirate tatoo. Hooray for dinky door prizes (ha ha ha)! But really, we had a great time! What a fun place. We'll definitely be back.

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