Saturday, July 17, 2010

7 Peaks

Saturday the 10th we took the kids to 7 Peaks in Provo. I remember going to 7 Peaks as a child. We went every summer & loved it. It was SO FUN to take my own kids there. My kids really do love the water. It was a hot day so we slapped on a ton of sunscreen, put on the life vests, & headed to the kids' pool area. Cadence is still a little scared of going down slides, but Lorien was all about going down! She went all by herself over & over & over again. She could have spent the entire day going down those little slides. She loved it.

Taya liked going down the slides with Baba. She would laugh & giggle & say "again, again!" Poor Baba kept having to climb from one pool to the other so she could keep going down that slide. She had a blast.

The kids all hung out in the lazy river while I stayed with Bladen in the shade. I wasn't feeling super well & he was running a pretty bad cold, so I kept him cool & let him rest in my lap while everyone played. We all met up there for lunch & ate burgers & hot dogs until we were completely stuffed. And then we were off to play again.

Cadence loved the wave pool (which is my favorite place too). We hung out in the waves on the tubes every time the bell would sound. Cadence loved taking turns with Mimi, then Baba, then Mommy, then Justin & Cari. . . she was in heaven.

We all went back to the lazy river again & went around several times. It was SO relaxing to just sit back & let the water take you around & around. Mom stayed at "camp" with Bladen so I could hang out with my girls a little bit. Poor little guy just wasn't feeling it. But he sure enjoyed the dippin dots that Mom & I bought. He ate almost all of mine. That kid can eat!

Taya was so funny. She loved everything we did with her. She loved the waves, the tubes, the slides, the kids pools, & the lazy river. She was just SO happy to be played with & to be in the cool water.

However, her shoes had given her a blister on her foot & the water somehow irritated it so that it popped. Once that happened (& blood gushed everywhere), she no longer wanted to do much of anything. "Owie! I have OWIE!" That's how we knew it was just about time to go home.

We had a blast! It was nice having Justin & Cari & Korbyn there with us too. I love how the "cousins" are all getting along so well. They are adorable together! I'm going to be so sad when we leave here. We're having SO MUCH FUN!

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  1. You've done awesome on documenting everything on your blog Dani!!! All the posts are so cute and so funny! I especially love the pic of justin at stadium of fire. What a hottie! hehe We are going to be so so sad when you leave. :(