Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me! The big 2-9!

Tuesday was my actual 29th birthday. Hooray! Mamoo made me green chili burro's for my birthday dinner (which is my favorite). Then I got to open my birthday presents.

Nancy sent me this Cold Stone / Jelly Belly ice cream treat & Korbyn thought it was a real ice cream. He kept licking the plastic cover over & over again. It was hilarious!

I got lots of fun things. Thank you everyone for all the wonderful gifts. I had a great birthday.

My sweetheart sent me flowers, chocolates, & a teddy bear for my birthday. I miss him SO much. Thank you Trekkie for loving me from so far away. I miss you.

After presents we went to Cold Stone for dessert. I'll eat ice cream over cake any day. I wanted Cold Stone for my "cake"! I got peach ice cream with peaches inside. It was SO good. The girls were fascinated with all the different flavors & mix ins. They thought that was the coolest place ever.

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