Thursday, July 8, 2010

Build a Bear Workshop

So Saturday we took all the kiddos to Build-a-Bear workshop. Mimi & Baba wanted to surprise them with special friends for them to love while they are here in UT. I have never seen my girls SO excited.

First they get to pick out their bears. Taya picked an adorable multi-colored bear called "Bubblegum Ice Cream Bear." Lorien picked an adorable pink & orange bear, & Cadence got herself a sweet little bunny. The first step in building a bear is stuffing her. They all got to hook their bears up to the stuffing machine & watched as the stuffing filled their new friend as they pushed on the stuffing pedal. Once their friend was all soft & fluffy, they got to take a heart, kiss it, make a wish, & put it inside their bears to make them come alive.

Then they had fun new friends who were ALIVE! The girls couldn't stop loving their new stuffed toys. They LOVE them.

Next we took our bears over to the bathtub & washed them really well. The girls got a kick out of that. Then they each brushed their new friend's fur until it was just right!

My adorable nephew, Korbyn came with us too. He has a stuffed dog from there already, so Mimi & Baba had him bring his dog with him. This kid LOVES iCarly. It cracks me up. He knows the entire theme song & dances every time it comes on. Well, much to my brother's dismay, Mimi & Baba had the lady open up his doggy & put the iCarly theme song in it's hand so that whenever Korbyn pushes his hand, it sings his favorite song! LOVE IT!

After the bears are all washed & brushed, it's time to dress them up. Korbyn picked out a cute little Buzz Lightyear costume for his doggy. Lorien put a Princess Tiana (Princess & the Frog) costume for her little bear. Taya picked out a Cinderella dress, & Cadence loved the Hawaiian Luau outfit. All the animals looked absolutely adorable.

Finally, the girls named their new friends. . . Taya named hers "Bear" (original, I know), Lorien's became "Leia", & Cadence named her little bunny "Sugar" because she looks like brown sugar. Thank you Mimi & Baba for such a fun morning. My kiddos LOVE their new special friends & will keep these memories forever.

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