Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mom's Work Luau

Wednesday, the 14th of July, we got to go to the Orem Center Park for my mom's BYU Library work party. It was a luau theme so it was super fun. When we got there, we all got lei's (which the girl's loved). Then the kids got to play at the "fishing" booth where they "caught" a whistle (Taya. . .ugh), a princess book (Lorien), & a shiny new pencil (Cadence). They loved that.

Mimi was over the food for the event, so she & Baba were running around setting up the food tables with all the yummy food for the night. For dinner we ate Hawaiian sweet rolls, salad, macaroni salad, rice, teriyaki chicken, & kaluha pork. Baba was having a blast feeding the macaroni salad to Bladen. He was strapped in the stroller so he could hardly move, but he would open his mouth as wide as it would go & growl until Baba filled it with more macaroni salad. We were all laughing SO hard at this. Bladen is such a piggie! He loves his food.

After dinner was the program. A girl from my mom & dad's BYU ward is from Hawaii & used to perform at the Polynesian Arts Center. So she danced for about 20 minutes. During the program Bladen kept putting on & taking off everybody's leis.

Taya loved watching the program. She wanted to dance along & it was SO cute to watch her try. My hyper little princess. She is so stinkin' cute.

After the program, the girls wanted to take a picture with Kea'Loni in her costume.

Kea'Loni was SO sweet that she grabbed all the kids at the party & did a private little "hula teach" with them. Lorien was scared to do it (like usual), but Cadence & Taya were totally into it. They were adorable. It was a super fun night.

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