Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stadium of Fire

For my birthday, my mom & dad surprised me with Stadium of Fire tickets. Well, it was my mom's ticket, but once she learned I was going to be in UT on the 3rd she knew she wanted to get me a ticket. But since Carrie Underwood was headlining, everything was completely sold out. So, my mom being the wonderful woman that she is, gave me her ticket. On top of that, she stayed home with my 4 little ones so that I could get out & enjoy the night without them. It was a little piece of heaven. So we went with my dad (I was his date) & my brother Justin & his wife Cari. Talk about a ton of fun!

(Did I mention how much I've missed my little brother?)

The show was great. They had the largest Eagle Court of Honor in history (it was the Boy Scouts 100th year this year), 5 pianists playing at the same time, some amazing violinists, the Osmonds 2nd Generation singing harmonies, & finally, Carrie Underwood. I have never heard any of her songs before so it was fun to hear them for the first time. Cari knew every word to every song so it was fun watching her sing along.

And at 10:00 on the nose, they started the pyro show! As always, it was amazing! However, this year was the first year that they shot some fireworks from the stadium floor & 2 fireworks misfired & hit people in the audience. Several people were rushed out of the stadium by a medical team. THAT was pretty scary & sad, but the fireworks that actually made it up into the air were GORGEOUS!

After it was over, we all went to a malt shop & got yummy milkshakes, & then went home. I had a blast!

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